Brian Allison is an Americana singer/songwriter from Chicago, Il. After the loss of Brian's father and brother in the same year. Brian quickly learned that life is short. Playing over a 100 shows in 2016 still working a day job, Brian made the move into music full-time in October of 2016 and hasn't looked back since. With over 20 years in the music business, Brian Allison's passion and drive for music keeps him creative while touring the nation and bringing an energetic and soulful performance to every stage he plays. Brian's father instilled that passion and drive. 


In 2017 Brian hit the ground running pursuing music 110%. With the support from his wife and 4 kids,  Brian finished recording 2 original songs 'Waiting On You' and 'No Way Out' in early 2017 with Gregory Hyde at Skyblynde Studio.  Brian released his EP 'Waiting on You' in May of 2018 and toured to the east coast on the 'Take Me Back Tour with singer-songwriters Sara Quah and Bisi Obateru. Brian also made his way to Denver Colorado for 2 tours. Opening up for Dave Tamkin and decker.  At the end of 2017 Brian played over 230 shows. 


2018 Brian had no plans of slowing down. Brian was back in the in studio with Gregory Hyde at Skyblynde Studio recording 5 new original songs. 3 of which he collaborated with singer songwriters  John Ciambriello (Hold On), Cheryl Rodey ( Here We Go Now) and Amy Allison ( A Better Woman).  Brian's EP 'For Now'  was released in April of 2018. May of 2018 Brian left on a solo west coast tour. Brian's songs 'For Now' and 'Hold On' are featured on a few playlists on Spotify. Brian had a incredible opportunity to perform at a Sofar Sounds Chicago show in October of 2018.  Brian instantly feel in love with the Sofar community and continues to play once a month for the Sofar community.  Brian played over 350 shows in 2018! 


In 2019 Brian started to push into playing more original shows. The Sofar community had a big impact on Brian’s career in 2019. Brian started playing 2-3 Sofar Sound shows a month.  Brian toured from Boston down to D.C. with Sofar and played two Sofar shows in Seattle.  Anna Nalick, Christian Lopez, and Zach Pietrini are a few artist Brian had the opportunity to support in Chicago, IL. Brian also played over 360 gigs in 2019.

2020 Brian is still going strong and pushing into original music more than ever! Playing more and more Sofar Sound Shows.  Sofar Tours coming up are the East coast in April, Seattle in June, L.A. in July, and Atlanta in August. Brian released ‘Color Of My Soul’ acoustic version February 12th, 2020. Brian plans to release more acoustic tracks throughout 2020. Brian will be releasing new music with cowriting partner Matt Burke too.

Brian will be releasing new singles throughout 2020 and looks forward to sharing new co-write projects.