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Leaving Home

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"Leaving Home" is a song about escaping the confines of a small life in a small town and venturing out into the unknown to pursue something bigger.

Brian Allison (@BrianAllisonMusic) and Matt Burke's (@TheRealMattBurke)first collaborative release together showcases tight harmonies, beautiful string swells, and an optimistic message of hope that takes the listener through an emotional, nostalgic, and incredibly satisfying trip.

Allison & Burke show some real songwriting prowess here and the song has real sync potential as it could easily be imagined in TV or film.


Leaving Home
Written by Matt Burke & Brian Allison, 2019
We gotta’ leave this town
Noting left here, always lost but never found
There’s no reason we should stay
This town we’re living in is getting smaller everyday
Something tells me you’ll go
could’ve happened years ago
I believe in us and together we’re leaving home
Leaving, we’re leaving home
There’s no turning back now
We’re out here on our own and you and I will work it out
We’ve got miles of road ahead
No one knows but us the tears an blo
od we have shed
Seems like you already know
This could’ve happened years ago
‘Cause I believe in us, and together we are home
Together, we are home
Though we don’t know where we’re going
We’re getting closer everyday
The road ahead keeps unfolding
As wh
at’s behind us fades away
Coming home
We’re leaving home
Leaving home
We’re coming home
Coming home